Alpha Course

Alpha is a 10-week course that explores some of the basic truths of the Christian faith –

  • “Who is Jesus?”
  • “Why Did Jesus Die?”
  • “Does God Still Heal Today?”

It is Christ centred and scripturally based and has the backing of all the Christian denominations.
The course is relaxing, non threatening, low key, friendly and fun.

Participants meet weekly and listen to a talk lasting 40 or (if desired) 20 minutes. Participants then break into small groups to discuss the talk and questions arising from it.


“I took a chance and went, to my surprise there were NORMAL people like me there struggling with similar things but we were all there because we were searching for meaning and purpose. It was the best thing I ever did, didn’t feel judged or pressured. There was laughter, tears, and interesting discussions, all in a relaxed environment. It was life changing.”

“When a friend invited me to go on an Alpha course I was reluctant as I didn’t consider myself a religious person. She said she would come with me so we both went along…I found the Alpha course a very good start for me as I had so many questions. When the lovely talks by Nicky Gumbel were over we had the chance to ask questions in the small group. I was able to ask whatever I wanted and not feel stupid or intimidated.”

Bear Grylls

Life is sometimes quite fluffy and when everything’s going well we don’t necessarily need our faith… but I’ve learned over the years that my Christian faith has been such a backbone through so many difficult times.
– Bear Grylls

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