Team Hope (Shoe Box Appeal)

Hillside has supported Team Hope for the last number of years.

Hillside Church will bet sorting boxes on this November each day until finished.

Please contact us if you can and want to be involved in any way.

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The team can always use more fillers for boxes – small soft toys (although larger soft toys can go along with large cartons), cars and other small toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap or other non liquid toiletries, sweets, stationery – pencils, paper etc.  If you have contacts with any businesses who may be able to supply fillers that would be great.  Even reams of blank paper or out of date headed notepaper – all much appreciated.

About Team Hope

Team Hope is an independent Irish, interdenominational Christian relief and development charity, (Irish charity number CHY 14524). Team Hope is working in relief and development projects in over twenty countries, mainly in Africa, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Following the eleven years of success with Operation Christmas Child, they are now launching their Annual Christmas Shoebox Appeal, an expression of God’s love, that brings hope to needy children in difficult situations, in some twelve countries.

They work with anyone, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity or background, believing that in God’s eyes, everyone in need is equally deserving of receiving help. They will not make distinctions on any other criteria apart from need. They work together in co-operation with the people of Ireland, and with their overseas partners to make this happen.

Team Hope helps children all over the world. Children whose lives have been changed by the loss of one if not both Parents. Children and families who have lost there homes and have nothing are given a little bit of hope.

Team Hope collects shoe boxes which have been filled with gifts, and send them all over the world, giving to children who normally receive nothing for Christmas. This small and generous gesture means so much to the children who receive theses boxes. Every child in the areas Team Hope visit will get a shoebox.

You can find out more about Team Hope by visiting